The birthplace of a Communist Coffee House. 

El manifesto...a revolutionary idea sprung up from a pair of visionary college students, one of whom has recently graduated and begrudgingly joined the capitalist treadmill. 

What this coffee house aspires is to be is an avenue for communist discourse, a co-op of sorts for an exchange of literature, and a place to just hang out and have a great time, without fear of persecution from those enslaved to the seas of oppression. 

Please show us support and help us jump start the revolution. Start thinking about what your favourite brew is, as well as how to bring the good news of communism to your neighbourhood.

Nothing jump starts the revolutionary mind like a cup of Joseph.


For more information please email us at info@elmanifesto.org
Note:  Not  actually our cafe. This one's probably run by some capitalist fear mongerer.
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